Conor McGregor haalt gruwelijk uit op Mayweather over Racisme

Eerder deze week zei Floyd Mayweather dat Conor McGregor en Ronda Rousey alleen zo populair waren omdat zij blank zouden zijn. Volgens Mayweather speelt racisme in de sportwereld nog een grote rol. Toen Conor McGregor zijn bericht zag kon hij het niet laten om terug te reageren.

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“Dear Mr. Mayweather, I read the other day that you think racism still exists because I talk shit and am loved but when you did it you were hated…would you like a pad or a tampon? The difference between you and me buddy is that I’m IRISH and you are not. When I fight men, women, children, cats and dogs stop for my fights. Forget using skin color as an excuse!! Also the reason why I am loved is because I have never stepped down to a fight… I am not a man who picks and chooses his fights out of fear. You ruined your legacy to a certain degree because you didn’t have the balls to fight Manny for years…excuse after excuse is what the fans kept hearing from you and now your angry your not loved? Who was the man you fought after Manny?? I dont think a lot of people out there know because it was one of the worst pay per view ratings of all time. Just remember this…you can have all the money and power in the world and drive all the fastest cars but like I said before, precision beats power and timing beats speed enjoy yourself buddy yeah..ya little bitch

Love, the man you want to be, Conor McGregor”